Live and Work in Asia, 30 Days at a Time

In June 2017, a group of creatives, entrepreneurs, and professionals from around the world will make Taiwan their home for 30 days. The residency program called Anchor Taiwan enables them to maximize productivity while immersing fully in Asian culture. In addition to handling all logistics, Anchor Taiwan also provides access to business partnerships, fireside chats with top entrepreneurs, VIP passes to industry events and friendships for a lifetime.

The program caters to the growing population of location-independent professionals, combining travel and work. It is unique in setting its “anchor” in Taiwan, which is not a typical digital nomad or even tourist destination.

But it should be.

The island is a hidden treasure with 23 million Mandarin-speaking people. It boasts more than 100 mountains, 128 hot springs, 1200 km of coastline and 9 national parks. With its world-class infrastructure, participants can enjoy a modern lifestyle in Taipei and the lush natural environment that surrounds. The vibrant cultural and nightlife scenes mean there is no shortage of art exhibitions, live music, or movie festivals. And anyone who has been to Taiwan comes away with an appreciation for the unsurpassable cuisine, from street food to Michelin-starred restaurants.

In addition to being an ideal base to live in, Taiwan’s manufacturing and design expertise in hardware, booming start-up ecosystem and highly-educated talent pool make it an important place to do business. Not only is it the birthplace of Foxconn, HTC, Acer and Giant Bicycles, it is also the destination for startups like LucidCam (first consumer VR 3D camera) and Hubble (raised USD $7.2M for disposable contact lenses) to land manufacturing partners or investors.

Anchor Taiwan Founder and CEO Elisa Chiu is a former hedge fund manager and an active community builder in art, impact investing, and entrepreneurship. After traveling to more than 60 countries and having worked/lived in many, she is bringing international talent to her hometown Taipei, where she has strong outreach and extensive connections.

“Cultural immersion takes time, and it is imperative in cross-border collaboration on the biggest problems as well as opportunities in the world,” she said in her office in San Francisco. “We are building a community for people who desire to grow and value cultural competency. Experiencing Asia with our curated program makes it fun, productive and hassle-free.”

Anchor Taiwan is currently accepting applications ( for its Sept. and Nov. batches in 2017.  Stay connected: Facebook | Twitter.