How are you different from other travel or nomad programs?

We specialize in Taiwan, and we know how to do business in Asia.

Because of our Taiwanese root, we have the insider tips and insider access. This applies not only with the cultural immersion and travel component, but also with the industry networks and opportunities. At the same time, because of our international living and working experiences, we resonate with what you are looking for.

This is our hometown. We know it well. We are here for the long run. We care.

How big is the cohort?

We are accepting 15-25 people. From our experience this is big enough to have diversity, and small enough for people to bond well during the program. In addition to the cohort itself, you will have access to the community networks we have in Taiwan.

Why 1 month?

One huge benefit of this program is indeed the time you invest in. It takes time to build relationships, forge collaboration, truly get to know someone/something/somewhere. In many ways it’s not a typical travel program. It’s a new way of living.

What are you looking for in the application?

We surround ourselves with people who value community, creativity, collaboration and compassion. While you can come in with any proposed project or remote work arrangement, we are looking for people who’ve demonstrated these traits from their background.

We are connected with the start-up ecosystem and the creative scenes in Taiwan, so you will likely find our access especially valuable if you are in a tech- or design-related field.

How do you choose your local partners?

We value our collaborations with the local vendors and aspire to forge long-term partnerships with them. This is why we decided to filter the potential partners ourselves one by one – meaning countless apartment viewings, countless co-working space visits, and countless walking tours, just to give a few examples. We spent time talking to our partners relentlessly to ensure a right culture fit as well as matchless quality.

We want to gather the right people under one roof, and we want you to be in the best hands possible.

How is participating in Anchor Taiwan different from traveling on my own?

You will be living like a local.
You will be working and traveling with an amazing group of people.
You will have instant access to the start-up ecosystem and the culture scene in Taiwan.
You will be able to channel your energy into creating and connecting, rather than being burdened by the planning and the logistics.
You will have a team of professionals striving to make your experience memorable and meaningful.

In short, Anchor Taiwan maximizes your exploration, minimizes your stress.

How is the Internet?

Upon arriving at the airport, you will receive a prepaid SIM card already topped up with data. Fast wifi access is available at your apartment and at your co-working space, as well as most cafes around the city.

Do I need a visa?

Currently Taiwan offers visa-free entry to more than 40 different countries in the world and permits a duration up to 90 days. Find out more information here.

Can I take solo trips during the course of the program?

For sure, we totally understand the balance between structure and spontaneity. We have also helped you pick out some of the best tour operators in Taiwan so that you can easily take a few excursions by yourself or with your new friends in the group.

Does Anchor Taiwan provide jobs?

No. While we don’t provide jobs, we provide opportunities. We select our participants and partners thoughtfully to facilitate a stimulating mix. How many times have possibilities and magic started from just a handshake and a smile?